Dr. Monita Leavitt

In just seven years, the Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children has achieved so much! As an advisory board member, it has been my pleasure to have shared in some of the accomplishments and to have seen the center become a beacon of light attracting countries around the world to visit and get ideas for creating their own talent centers .

Congratulations and continued success at the Center to Roya and Klaus Klingner! Thank you for all of your effort and passion in working for gifted children.

Best wishes,


Monita Leavitt, Ph.D.

S - Supportive school programs educating teachers, parents and students about giftedness
E - Engaging utilization of technology and mass media
V - Various publications worldwide
E - Enrichment and acceleration opportunities
N - Networking, both nationally and internationally

Y - Youth advocacy
E - Evaluative educational consultations and psychological testing of students
A - Artistic exploration and therapy
R - Refugee work and support
S - Sustained passion for gifted children in the world today!