Prof. Ellen D. Fiedler

Dear Roya …..

Congratulations on the auspicious occasion of the seventh anniversary of the Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children! Your vision and all that you have done for gifted and talented children throughout the world continues to be truly noteworthy.

I thought I could contribute the following poem with you in honor of this occasion. I wrote it on behalf of gifted children, and it has traveled around the world, shared by others who are involved with gifted children.

Some People

by Ellen D. Fiedler, Ph.D.

Some people treat me
Like I’m strange.
I just don’t understand it.
They act as if it’s pretty weird
To know someone like me:
Someone who’s always interested
In learning everything,
Someone who gets excited
About how things connect,
Someone who’s almost tireless
In searching everywhere
To find answers
That matter.

 Some people act as if
They think I’m really special.
They say they’re “proud of me,”
I don’t know what that means.
They seem to be amazed
At things I take for granted:
The way I think,
The things I know,
The things I can accomplish.
Their awe of me
Creates a gulf
I don’t know how
To bridge.

Some people like
To put me down.
They act as if somehow
To make me less
Will make them more.
I just don’t understand it.
I wasn’t trying to compete.
Although I like to win,
It isn’t for the purpose
Of showing someone

Some people just
Accept me
And take me as I am.
They seem to understand me.
They let me be myself
And even take real pleasure
In talking over
The “real stuff”:
The things that are important.
I like to be with them;
They like to be with me.
That’s when it’s all

I guess that what
I need to do
Is find myself those people:
The ones who understand me,
The ones I understand.
Accept the others
For the ways
That they react to me,
Find whatever common ground
We can,
But find a way
To let it go and simply
Be myself.

With warmest wishes to you and appreciation for all of your efforts!


Ellen D. Fiedler, Ph.D.
Wings for Education, Inc.
269.469.6225; 773.882.4876