Prof. Javier Touron

Those of us who are involved in the improvement of the education system know very well how difficult this task is. Particularly if we are focused in a specific population as the gifted and talented are.

This is the case of the Global Centre for Gifted and Talented Children, an enterprise that has been battling for years to serve those who are the “great missed” of the schools, the teachers and the administration in so many countries.

I want to congratulate the GCGTC and especially to her director Roya Klingner for her energy and advocacy of these children around the world. Her initiatives and activities along these years have brought a token of light and hope to many families in many countries. Also her activities online for researchers and families are remarkable.

I wish the Centre and its staff many more years of success and commitment with those that being over privileged in their creativity or intelligence are seriously underprivileged in the provision they receive.

Many congratulations Roya and many more years of service in your wonderful centre.


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