Book published: Make them Shine - May 2015

Roya Klingner's new book "Make them Shine: Identification and Understanding of Gifted Children under Consideration of Their Social and Emotional Needs (Make Them Shine. Giftedness Viewed Differently)" was just published! 

This book guides teachers and parents in identification of Gifted Children and helps them to understand their social and emotional needs. Authors who have decades of professional experience with Gifted Children and their families, provide practical guidance from different perspectives in areas such as:

  • Identification and Characteristics of Gifted Children
  • Motivation and Underachievement
  • Educational planning and the optimal development of giftedness and talents
  • Parenting concerns
  • Types of gifted programs
  • Consulting Gifted Children

Authors of the book are Prof. Karen B Rogers, Dr. Monita Leavitt, Prof. Steven Pfeiffer, Prof. Roland Persson, Emilee Valler, Roya Klingner (also editor)

The book was published at LIT Verlag (ISBN-13: 978-3643906397 ISBN-10: 3643906390) and is available at Amazon