Concert of Gifted Children in Castle Nymphenburg, Munich -  May 25th 2014

On May 25th 2014 Roya Klingner was invited to attend a concert of the Young Pianists Club e.V. in Castle Nymphenburg. There she met with Family Hahn whose two children Philip (5 years) and Laetitia (10 years) performed several pieces on the Piano. Several other young pianists and violonists performed, too, but Philip and Laetitia were the youngest. She enjoyed the great music. Afterwards she had the opportunity to talk with the young artists and their parents and spent the rest of the day in the company of Family Hahn.

The next concert, Festival der jungen Talente, will be on June 29th 2014 in Gauting.  We are looking forward to see the youngtalents again.