Conference "The Development of Giftedness & Talent in 21st Century" in Toulouse - Oktober 5th - 6th 2013

From October 5th to 6th 2013 the Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children, Germany, and ADCHP (Association pour la Diffusion des Connaissances du Haut Potentiel), France, organized the Conference "The Development of Giftedness and Talented in 21st Century in Toulouse, France. In addition to her role as organizer, Roya Klingner attended the conference as an invited speaker. Her lecture "The Best Practice for the Development of High Potential and Talent in 21st Century" was very well received by the audience. Many admitted to have been deeply touched by it. Other Speakers beside her were:

  • Prof. Francoys Gagné (Canada) - Real Academic Talent development: A DMGT Perspective
  • Prof. Steven Pfeiffer (USA) - Lessons learned working with High Ability Students: Ability is not enough and Strength of the Heart makes a Difference
  • Prof. Pierre Fourneret (France) - Highability, adolescense and feelings: An irreconcilable Dilemma?
  • Prof. Javier Tourón (Spain) - Talent Search, Talent Development: Are our Schools prepared for the Challenge?
  • Prof. Laurence Vaivre-Douret (France) - Sepcific Developmental eary Childhodd to High Potential