Let it Flow (Roya Klingner & Monita Leavitt, phd) released - May 29th 2014

On May 29th "Let it Flow", the first book in the series "Make Them Shine. Giftedness Viewed Differently", has been released by LIT Verlag, Germany. It was jointely written by Roya Klingner, head and founder of the Global Center for Gifted an Talented Children, and Monit Leavitt, PhD. They wanted to write a story book about gifted children for gifted children. The book presents a fable about gifted children in the form of different animals. As each animal's story is told, the reader gains a better understanding of social and emotional uniqueness associated with giftedness.

The book is available through Amazon at Let it Flow (Make Them Shine. Giftedness Viewed Differently)

An Interview with Dr. Monita Leavitt and Roya Klingner: Let it Flow - Jul 23, 2014 by  - http://www.educationviews.org/interview-monita-leavitt-roya-klingner-flow/