Project German-Ukraine Junioruniversity for Air and Space - Part 2 - September 24th - 30th 2012

The second part of the German-Ukrain Junioruniversity for Air and Space took place in Kiev from September 24th to 30th 2012. The students, that had taken part in the first event in Munich, Germany, in April, now met again to present the results of their work for the STEM-project during the summer. Roya Klingner, head of the Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children was invited to accompany the group and to be one of the speakers at the 5th International Scientific Conference in Yalta.

Both student groups were welcomed by Oksen Lisovyi , head of the Ukrainian Junioracademy of Sciences, Maksym Lutzkyi, first Prorector of the National University for Aeronautics, Stanislav Dovgyj, president  of the Ukrainian Junioracademy of Sciences, Cyrus Royamanech, represantative of the german embassy, Mykola Kulyk, Rector of  the National University for Aeronautics, Roya Klingner, and Andreas Thalmaier, teacher at Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium. During the course of the project the students visited museums and workshops about physics, aeronautics, space and robotics. They also visited Kiew with a guided tour and an opera performance. At the end they received a diploma for the successful participation in the project.

From September 25th to 29th 2012 Roya Klingner was invited speaker at  the 5th International Scientific Conference in Yalta. She gave one presentation and held one workshop about gifted education.

Both project coordinators Volodymir Volyk andRoya Klingner are very satisfied with the results of the project and hope for more projects with students from different countries with similar topics.