Symposium "Excellence in Business and Education: Trends and Conclusions" - February 2nd, 2013

On February 2nd, 2013, Roya Klingner attended the Symposium "Excellence in Business and Education: Trends and Conclusions" at the LMU Munich:

The symposium "Excellence in Business and Education: Trends and Conclusions" will concentrate on the latest trends and research findings in the fields of expertise and excellence. Not only will the general content of these two research areas be addressed, but we will also delve into specific questions. The symposium will include guest lectures as well as a poster session. Next to gaining a deeper understanding of excellence and expertise, this symposium will also provide an opportunity to share ideas and research projects with other members of the field. Our aim is to offer students, alumni and researchers the chance to exchange ideas and questions about the fields of excellence and expertise.

Organized by the M.A. International Program "Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education" this symposium will mark the ending of the program as an independent study and its full integration in the master studies within the Munich Center of the Learning Sciences. The event aims to gather students, alumni, instructors and former directors of the program, and to review the contribution of the program to the field of Excellence, both in terms of scientific research and of practical applications and personal careers. One of the purposes of this event is to establish "Psychology of Excellence Network" as a platform connecting alumni, students, researchers and practitioners. For this purpose all Psychology of Excellence alumni and instructors are invited to join the event in person or virtually.