The 28th Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education - January 26th 2013

Carolyn Gillespie K, is the director and founder of Hoagies' Gifted Education Page She writes and speaks internationally on gifted education topics, from parenting to testing, social-emotional needs to digital literacy. She and her husband have two grown (and nearly grown) gifted children, who have taught her that there is always LOTS to learn about gifted children and education!

Titel: Testing and Assessment of Gifted Children: What Does It All Mean?

We talk about testing gifted children, but what do the tests really tell us? Is it achievement or intelligence testing? Individual or group testing? Using standardized tests or curriculum based assessment? What scores are reported, and what do they mean: standard scores, percentiles, grade-equivalents? Is the test nationally normed or locally created? Norm-referenced or criterion-referenced? Does it matter? YES! Learn what various tests are (and aren’t), how they compare to each other, and how their results apply to the day-to-day reality of the gifted child in the classroom.