The 30th Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education - March 29th, 2013

Nick Chater has worked in secondary schools in socially deprived areas of the UK for over twenty years. He has been a life long advocate of the use of ICT in the learning process. One of his first lessons included using the original SimCity game. Since then he has continued to developed ICT and Web 2.0 tools to his teaching repertoire. His latest project is developing the visual programming skills of children through the use of Scratch for Opensim.

On a recent secondment across a group of Academies he developed an innovative and future facing Digital Policy that relaxed some of the inherent restrictions that schools have had that have not always been helpful in the learning process.

Nick is an obsessive re-tweeter at @nick_chater and has a regular aggregated blog at

Nick will be presenting on how the in-built inertia of educational institutions  and their self serving hierarchies of personnel and suppliers prevent true integration of collaborative web 2.0 technologies that could have a profound impact on the development of learning.

Titel: "Inertia in Educational institutions that prevent proper development of technology integration"