Teacher Training

Teachers are the torch bearers in creating social cohesion, national integration and a learning society. They not only disseminate knowledge but also create and generate new knowledge. They are responsible for acculturating the role of education. Teacher training is an integral component of any educational system. It is intimately connected with society and is conditioned by the ethos, culture and character of a nation.

What Is the Role of Teachers of the Gifted and Talented?

Teachers of the gifted and talented are generally responsible for one or more of these roles:

  • Organizing enrichment activities for students and teachers in the school;
  • Gathering and disseminating information about innovative teaching practices, exemplary materials, resource persons, and special opportunities for gifted youngsters;
  • Coordinating regular curricular activities so bright students can work at a pace and level commensurate with their ability;
  • Integrating regular curriculum and special program experiences;
  • Counseling and advising students, parents, and teachers about underachievement, career and college selection, and special problems associated with giftedness, and
  • Encouraging student attitudes of excellence, creativity, productivity, and leadership.

Our Goals:

Foundations, the research-based evidence, philosophies, laws and policies, and various historical and human perspectives in the evolving field of  gifted education;

Development and Characteristics of Learners, including those with exceptional learning needs;

Individual Learning Differences, including the effects that giftedness as well as diversity can have on one's learning;

Instructional Strategies, based on evidence-based research and are specific to gifted and talented students;

Learning Environments and Social Interactions, promoting creativity, cultural understanding, diversity, safety and emotional well being, and full  student engagement in the learning process;

Language and Communication and the important role they play in talent development; effective teaching strategies for oral and written  communication skills; and individual language proficiencies and cultural and linguistic differences;

Instructional Planning, reflecting both long- and short-range goals and objectives for individual giftedness;

Assessment in multiple forms that can be used for identification, progress, instruction, and evaluation of gifted learners;

Professional and Ethical Practice standards in all situations, both in dealing with students and in staying abreast of new evidence and more  effective teaching techniques;

Collaboration with families, other educators, and appropriate service and support personnel for gifted children and gifted programs.

The Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children offers this teacher training. If you are interested in this training please contact us for an offer tailored to your requirements. 

More Information

The program is structured into nine different modules. For more information, please contact us!