Prof. Dr. Robert Sternberg

Robert J. Sternberg is Professor of Human Development in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University and Honorary Professor of Psychology at Heidelberg University, Germany. Sternberg was briefly President and Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Wyoming. Before that, he was Provost, Senior Vice President, Regents Professor of Psychology and Education, and George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair of Ethical Leadership at Oklahoma State University..

Prior to going to Oklahoma State, Sternberg was Dean of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Psychology and Education at Tufts University, and before that, IBM Professor of Psychology and Education, Professor of Management, and Director of the Center for the Psychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise at Yale.

Sternberg is a Past President of the American Psychological Association, the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, the Eastern Psychological Association, and the International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology. He also is past-Treasurer of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Sternberg also has been president of four divisions of the American Psychological Association.

Prof. Dr. Michael F. Shaughnessy

Prof. Dr. Michael F. Shaughnessy is currently Professor of Psychology at Eastern New Mexico University. He has been involved in gifted education since receiving his doctorate from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, in 1983. He also holds master's degrees from Bank Street College of Education and the College of New Rochelle in Guidance and Counseling and School Psychology. He has some post doctoral training from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He has presented on gifted topics in Australia, South Korea, South Africa, Slovenia, Finland, Germany, England, France, and has been a Consulting Editor for Gifted Education International. He has written, edited or co-edited about a dozen books and published several hundred articles, book reviews, research reports, interviews and commentaries.

He is Editor in Chief of SENG.

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Prof. Dr. Marianne Nolte

Prof. Dr. Marianne Nolte is currently professor of Education and Teaching Mathematik at the University of Hamburg.


  • 1971-1975 Studium der Mathematik und Politik an der Universität Gießen. Dort 1975 erste Staatsprüfung für das Lehramt an Haupt- und Realschulen.
  • 1975-1976 Referendariat, 2. Staatsprüfung.
  • 1977-1980 Lehrerin an Grund-, Haupt- und Gesamtschulen in Hessen.
  • 1980-1985 Pädagogische Mitarbeiterin im Fachbereich Mathematik an der Universität Gesamthochschule Kassel, dort Promotionsvorbereitungsstudium im Fachbereich Erziehungswissenschaft/Humanwissenschaft mit Abschluss durch eine Zusatzprüfung.
  • 1990 Promotion an der Gesamthochschule Kassel mit dem Thema: Strukturmomente des Unterrichts und ihre Bedeutung für das Lernen untersucht an Beispielen des Algebraunterrichts in einer lernschwachen Lerngruppe bei Herrn Professor Dr. Klaus Heipcke und Herrn Professor Dr. Heinz Griesel.
  • 1987-1993 Lehrerin an einer Grundschule in Hamburg.
  • 1991-1995 Arbeit als Dyskalkulietherapeutin in einer freien Praxis.
  • SoSe 92 und WS 92/93 Lehrauftrag am Fachbereich Erziehungswissenschaften der Universität Hamburg im Arbeitsbereich Didaktik der Mathematik, Schwerpunkt Mathematischer Anfangsunterricht.
  • 1993 wissenschaftliche Assistentin im am Fachbereich Erziehungswissenschaften der Universität Hamburg  im Arbeitsbereich Didaktik der Mathematik/Mathematischer Anfangsunterricht
  • seit 1997 Professorin (Erziehungswissenschaft – Didaktik der Mathematik) an der Universität Hamburg.
  • seit 2000 Mitglied im wissenschaftlichen Beirat des Fachverbands für integrative Lerntherapie (FiL)
  • von April 2001 bis Oktober 2005 Geschäftsführende Direktorin des Instituts 9.
  • seit November 2008 2.Vorsitzende der William-Stern-Gesellschaft Hamburg.
  • seit September  2009 Mitglied des wissenschaftlichen Beirats des Begabungszentrums Bayern

Roland S. Persson, PhD

Roland S. Persson, PhD, Professor of Educational Psychology and Associate professor of General Psychology. Research focuses widely on giftedness and talent but with an emphasis on social context and the gifted individual in society. Current aspects within this frame are equity issues (egalitarianism), gender, music behaviour, gifted education and social perception. Former editor-in-chief of High Ability Studies, member of World Council of Gifted and Talented Children, IRATDE, BPS, APA and life-time honorary member of the European Council for High Ability.


Dr. Monita Leavitt

Dr. Monita Leavitt has been an educator for more than 30 years, including 20 years as a gifted education teacher. In 2002, she was granted a sabbatical to begin doctoral studies in England. After several summers working with teachers in Lithuania, she became interested in helping teachers there to stop the 'brain drain' of bright students moving to countries with better education systems. She trained teachers in strategies to better address the needs of gifted pupils.

Upon her return to America, Monita noticed a 'brain drain' in public schools in Connecticut as well. She stopped teaching to start a new career as a consultant, and now works training teachers in how to differentiate instruction to benefit all children, while providing challenges and motivation to bright children at the same time.

Monita received her Ph.D. from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England, her B.A. at Moravian College, Pennsylvania, and her M.S. at Central Connecticut State University, England. She has been published in educational journals and magazines, and has also presented at the National Gifted Conferences, including the 2001 World Gifted Conference in Barcelona.

She lives in Connecticut where she is a gifted coordinator, teacher, and consultant.

Monita Leavitt, Ph.D., is a teacher and international consultant from Connecticut who has over 20 years experience teaching gifted students.  Monita has presented at the National, Asia-Pacific, and World Gifted Conferences; is listed in Who's Who of International Educators, and represented the Northeast and Gifted Education for the National Board of Professional Teachers Standards (2007).  Monita has published in educational journals, and is author of Building a Gifted Program:  Identifying and Educating Gifted Students in Your School.  In 2009, Monita received the Benigna Education Award from Moravian College.